• Do You Qualify as a Migratory Worker?
    You may qualify if:
    Within the past 3 years you and your family have traveled or moved from one district, city or state to another to work or look for temporary work in:
    1. Agricultural field; working with fruits, vegetables, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, grain, sorghum, etc.
    2. Packing or processing fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef, pork or fish
    3. A dairy farm
    4. A fishery or shrimping
    5. A slaughter house
    6. A poultry farm
    7. A ranch or livestock related activities (baling hay or repairing fences)
    8. A plant nursery, orchard, tree growing or harvesting
    9. Or other similar work
    Critical Components for a Migratory Move:
    The following items are critical components that recruiters must adhere to in verifying the qualifying move; with no previous history on NGS or on MSIX or when the recruiter discovers facts that could cause a potential problem with child eligibility, ...
    Recruiters must:
    1. Verify that the qualifying activity exists in the city/town mentioned by the interviewee; or
    2. Verify the time-frame the work was accomplished; and
    3. Obtain written documentation or capture a verbal statement to verify the family did make the qualifying migratory move; or
    4. Obtain evidence that the child(ren) made the qualifying move.