Banquete I.S.D. is a farming and ranching community located in a remote area in Nueces County, 45 miles west of Corpus Christi in the coastal bend region. The district serves approximately 850 students in grades PreK-12 grade. Sixty to seventy percent of the students in the district are designated as being economically disadvantaged. The ethnic distribution is seventy-eight percent Hispanic two percent black and twenty percent white. The community is very small and has no resources available aside from the school. The closest public library is in the neighboring community, which is about 15 miles away, so the school is the heart of all the social, cultural, and educational activity.

    Many learning opportunities may never reach students in high-poverty or isolated districts such as ours except through the use of technology. Banquete I.S.D. recognizes that our students need the technological tools and resources to meet the challenges of today’s ever changing world. It is extremely important that we provide them with those tools so that they can be productive citizens in a world where technology is firmly rooted. In a rural district such as ours, providing Internet access, video- conferencing, and distance learning are the only viable means of providing our students with applicable up-to-date global information that is cost effective. All three campuses, as well as the central administration building, are now connected to a T-1 line for Internet access with the Education Service Center-Region 2 serving as the Internet Service Provider

    Existing Conditions:
    The District currently provides high speed Internet access to all classrooms and offices via 500 mb fiber connection. The district has one LAN and wireless availability throughout the district . The new Elementary school has
    one computer lab, computer stations in a modern up to date library, and room in each classroom for an increased technological presence. The Junior High currently has one lab but needs more access in the classroom. The High School has one content area lab and has a need for more access in the classrooms. The Junior High and High School have projectors and interactive whiteboards in most classrooms.  However, our hardware is aging throughout the district, some are 6 to 7 years old.  Software is continuously added and updated when possible.

    Tech Maintenance:
    Each campus has a staff member designated as the school technology contact. This staff member and the school principal are responsible for tech maintenance and upkeep at their respective campus. The District WAN, training, and overall maintenance and upkeep is coordinated by the Curriculum/ Technology Director and Secretary. The District welcomes any donations, advice, and/or assistance in this area. Please contact Dr. Max Thompson, Curriculum/Technology Director at (361) 387-2551.